Happy Holidays! ♥️

A quick year in review:

For all of the things that went wrong in 2020, I thought I would take a moment to reflect on some of the things that went right!

  1. My family has stayed healthy. 🤞🤞
  2. Brad and I stayed employed. I was even promoted! 🤩
  3. I celebrated 6 years sober! 😎
  4. Brad and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary ♥️
  5. We were blessed with a new niece, Josie! And 2 new baby cousins we have yet to meet! 👶🏼
  6. Madelyn was finally able to see Hamilton on stage! (Thank you grandma!) ⭐️
  7. We were able to go on a Disney vacation
    before COVID cancelled everything. ☀️
  8. We were able to spend lots of time with my brother and his family from New York! COVID quarantine allowed for some nice extended stays! 😜
  9. I learned how to garden, and crochet lots of new things that I’m really excited about! 🪴 🧶
  10. We spent more quality time with my immediate family. 🥰

More than anything, this year has taught me to “be still” and take time each day to appreciate the wonderful things around me that I tend to overlook on a daily basis – Buster’s snuggles, the changing colors of the leaves, Madelyn’s laughter, family game night, etc.

Life is precious. We are not promised tomorrow. So today, I am not wishing for 2020 to be over. I don’t want to spend anymore time wishing my life away.

Today, I am simply hoping to wake up tomorrow with a grateful heart and the love of my family.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season! ♥️



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