Women in Recovery

I met with an amazing group of recovering women last night, and I am still feeling so inspired by our discussion that I had to write about it today.

I cannot even begin to explain to you how powerful it is to sit in a room full of women and talk openly and honestly about things like fear, God (whether we believe in one or not), self-centeredness, shame, mental illness, shortcomings (past and present), even politics for goodness sakes, and be met with so much love and tolerance, no matter how our feelings or opinions might differ from one another.

It’s easy to get sucked into the negativity of others, especially on social media! It’s even easier to join in on the gossip, complaining and deflection of blame in an attempt to feel a part of something, or fulfill our desire to belong.

What’s difficult, is consciously making an effort to step back and disengage from negativity, especially when the opinions and words of others spark uncomfortable feelings of anger or sadness- fear even!

I left last night wishing the world could learn to treat human beings with the same amount of grace and dignity we women treated each other with in that room.

One of the women talked about how a friend of hers is attempting a “No Negativity Diet” – which is to say she is simply choosing not to engage in or with any conversation/person that causes feelings of distress, fear, anxiety or anger.

I think this is such a beautiful idea, and I am going to work on this too.

Remember, we do not have the ability to change the thoughts, opinions, decisions, emotions or actions of others. We can only control our own thoughts, actions and reactions to the world around us.

Today, I am choosing to stay positive, because we are all human after all. We ALL make mistakes, NO person lives without sin. We will never change another person by meeting them with judgement and hostility. In fact, the act of doing so means we are no better than the person we choose to judge so harshly.

Let the “No Negativity Diet” begin! 💜

Recovering people are my heroes! Thank you for helping me stay healthy today!



7 thoughts on “Women in Recovery

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  1. I’m glad you found something that helps you! And I continue to strongly support you! I know we’re new to each other but I’m here for you if you need me!

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  2. A couple of years ago, I did a no negativity diet, no complaining, comparing or judging or gossip and it changed my life, we are human so sometimes we can get caught up in it but now I catch myself.. Check out Lori Harder & her book she is all about women friendships her book is called A tribe called bliss theres a facebook page and its women encouraging women I love her, & her teachings. LOL and no I’m not paid by her she just brought me so much awareness around this.

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    1. Awesome! Thanks for the recommendation. I can’t wait to check out her book and Facebook page! Thanks for commenting and sharing your experience with me. I am happy to hear this has been helpful to other women! 💜


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